Paintings and Drawings

Paintings, Drawings and Collages

Jackson Painting by Artist, Susan GorrisSelected subjects for past and present 2D study have included the Aurora Borealis, animal and human portraits, fantasy landscapes and interpretative studies of my ceramic sculpture. I formerly explored images of non-representational content that seemed to impose more of a surreal and symbolic meaning to dichotomous events, but in the last two decades I have pursued the creation of abstracted forms. Now I am looking for new ways to combine both approaches within my paintings, drawings and collage work.

Once in a while I am inspired to meet the challenge of creating a very specific portrait of a special animal or person. My preferred painting mediums are egg tempera, oil, cold wax and encaustic and I am finding a natural linkage with this media to clay, pigments, stone and wood. Also enjoyable are the hours mixing stains for use in colouring clay bodies.

In my studio, collage always earns a high place with carefully stored papers and supports ready to spring forward into more spontaneous and colourful compositions of animals and landscape.

David and Liz's CollageMy own life-long experience of living with animals has blended with many related pursuits in my adult years. Working at a veterinarian clinic, owning horses with whom I rode on trails, trained in dressage and shared my farm, supporting animal welfare organizations, using domestic and wild individuals as models for teaching and collaborative learning in the classroom and most currently, volunteering for a local wildlife rescue organization have provided me with a continuing source of inspiration.

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