Art in the Country in Aldergrove

Art in the Country in Aldergrove

For 23 years, Art in the Country has been an active hub of creative study in painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, design, collage, earthworks and printmaking for youth and adults. Originating as a summer extension to Visual Art classes in local schools, the program has grown and changed to include adult workshops, guest artists and a seasonal series of Life Drawing sessions with professional male and female models.

From thousands of images collected (and a few videos!) over the years, I have posted a few photographs as a session sampler (click images to see more). Enjoy viewing them!

Art in the Country - In Action

 Coming soon will be an exclusive new website for Art in the Country in Aldergrove.

Additional photographs and descriptions of workshops past and present will offer a more comprehensive view of the past 23 years of art-making on 16th Avenue in Aldergrove. I hope that you’ll return and join me in a celebration of memories and a future of collaborative study!